Friday, July 6, 2012

Friday Scortcher!


That is the forecast for today in my little corner of the world.
It is 10:55 a.m. 98* that feels like 102* - the heat index.
Our weather people say it is going to get to 103* with a heat index of 110*. The weather people are warning everyone to Stay Indoors and out of the heat.
We are definitely going to abide by their warning!

I want to take the kids to see the movie BRAVE.
I encouraged them to tidy up their rooms so we can go.

So far I hear bartering . . .

"I will trade you this . . . for this!"

I am quite certain Tidying Up of rooms is not in progress.

I seriously don't have a preference one way or another.
We can either go to the movie or simply stay home . . .
doesn't matter to me.

Beckett is "collecting" items the boys don't put away. She gathers things and puts them on her little sleeping doggie mattress.
She is a little clepto!

Well, need to get my day underway . . .
so far, it has been a bit slow.

Be safe, Stay Cool and Have a great day!

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