Friday, June 29, 2012


Tonight the guinea pigs were pretty wound up . . .
so, I had them run around with the kids for a bit.
Of course, the dogs joined in too!

Tails were wagging and noses were sniffing!
This is Beckett - left and Emma - right checking out Gibbs.
Gibbs was not thrilled.

Cameron is holding Alfalfa while Beckett checks him out.

Mia, Gibbs and Beckett

Alfalfa and Ryan seem to hit it off well.

We have had the little piggies for a few days, but can already tell they are beefing up a little bit!

Cody with Alfalfa.
Al seems to be the calmer one.

Cameron with Alfalfa and Cody

EJ is holding Gibbs . . .
EJ said, "Gibbs likes me . . . he didn't poop on me!"

I guess that must be a true sign of "liking"!

I guess my blogging news is a bit slow today!
Have a wonderful evening. 

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Nancy R. said...

What a charming group! I'm impressed that the dogs don't try to hunt the guinea pigs. That would be dreadful!

There are similar scenes at my daughter and granddaughters' house in East Lansing, MI. They have a Westie, a wild golden doodle, a long-haired guinea pig, two rats, and an iguana. Oh, I forgot the 18-year- old cat. They have a wonderful, chaotic time.

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