Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Today and Phone Dump

It is HOT out there y'all!

The temps climbed into the 90's again today.
I have not heard what the humidity raised the temps to.

We had a very busy day . . .

Lunch at McDonald's . . .
and we even ate INSIDE!

Then off to Madagascar 3

It was cute.

My boys were thrilled . . .
this is them above.
Ryan, Cameron Evan and Cody

After the movie we headed home again.
Randy arrived home from work and we headed out to jet ski!
All of us!

Katelyn and Cameron were on one Jet Ski
Randy, Cody and Evan were on another Jet Ski
Ryan and I were on the third Jet Ski

And let the WAVES begin!

 We had to PAUSE our Jet Skiing to allow the Mamas and babies to cross to a safe place.

In the canal between lakes.

 Headed in to our dock.
 This nest has thre little birds in it. If you look closely you will see a baby bird's head and beak.
There are three baby birds.
The nest is amazing! 
Those little swallows are so very talented!

Mama duck headed out for a swim.
I took a quick photo . . .
TEN duck eggs.

Now for an UN edited phone dump . . .

1st Day of School 2011-2012

Cody age 4


 Beckett - asleep on Mommy's desk

 Ryan and Beckett

Katelyn and Beckett

Cody at the hair salon with Mommy

Katelyn and Ryan

 Randy and I

My Daddy


My Daddy - with a beard(ish)


 Cody and EJ


Evan (EJ)

 Artemis and Zeus

 Cameron and Apollo








Phone dump to be continued . . .

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The Whitakers said...

Julie you look EXACTLY like Katelyn, which is beautiful!!Great family pictures!! :) And how have I known you all these years and never realized you had glasses???

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