Saturday, June 30, 2012


The temps are a tad bit cooler here than the past few days.
The kids are out playing in the backyard while Daddy supervises.
Daddy doesn't mind the heat as much as Mommy and Katelyn do.

Today I decided to try my hand at making snow cones.
Last week this little machine arrived on our porch:
It came with everything but the ice.
I was a bit iffy to give the boys the syrup that came with the machine, but gave it a whirl. When the syrup runs out they will be getting fresh fruit and juice snow cones.

The snow cones were a hit with everyone . . .
including Daddy.

Katelyn . . . she had the "yellow" snow cone.
Actually it was orange.

Cody had orange too.

EJ went for the Tiger Blood flavor . . . cherry.

I love the little spoon straws . . . spraws?

Cameron had yummy cherry.

Ryan had cherry too!
He was too busy eating for me to get a good photo of him.
In one of the photos he had a silly face . . .
he would not have approved of its placement on the blog.

I went ALL out for dinner.
but it was special . . .
the boys got to eat outside . . .

Of course, we were right inside at the dinner table and could keep a  close eye on them  . . .  but don't tell them!

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