Monday, June 11, 2012

Our Day in Photos

Our day began with a Star Wars re-enactment inside . . .
Light Sabors were clashing, fancy Jedi moves were being made.
It didn't take long for me to move my little Jedi OUTSIDE!

 The weather turned very windy and I thought a storm was blowing in, so we headed inside. Once inside, the boys each read . . . trying to keep them up on their reading. 
EJ worked on Math, Cameron worked on Grammar and Cody read several books aloud.

This afternoon our Abby girl stopped by.
She brought with her a catchers helmet . . .
retired catchers helmet.
Abby had gotten all of the professional use out of it and now it is just perfect for my boys to use in the backyard.
Thanks Abby (and Aunt Jeanette)!
The above picture is Abigail and Cameron.

Cody tried it on too!

Bugsy the guinea pig and Abby hung out for a while.

I should make a little note here . . .
Bugsy did NOT make Abby's jeans a fashion trend.

Our lettuce is doing well!

 Mia and Beckett enjoyed a little outside rough housing.

 Our first tomato!

 Mama duck has presented SIX eggs . . .
should be six more before she nests.
The cucumber plants are flowering!

I love this time of year when the beauty God has 
given is displaying its splendor!

 Once inside . . .
 I noticed a "new addition" to my coffee table.

Shouldn't every coffee table have a catcher helmet?

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