Monday, June 4, 2012


This morning we woke to dreary skies . . .
we would hear thunder and think the rain was coming.
It did not.

I was anxious for the boys to get outside to play . . .
o.k. maybe anxious wasn't exactly the correct word . . .
I was determined to get the boys outside to play!
They were full of energy the moment they opened their eyes!

After coffee and letting the boys play outside for a while, 
I decided we should be their energy into a bit of cleaning.
So, we all headed to the basement ~ 
we have a storage room that needed a LOT of attention.
After a few hours, and a huge dent in the state of the storage room we headed upstairs for lunch.
I was thrilled to have gotten so much done ~
but also a bit overwhelmed we didn't get finished.
I guess a few more days of storage room work won't hurt us!

Sunday, Katelyn and I worked on getting the first nine weeks of 4th grade home school papers ready for Cameron.
It took a bit of time and staples, but I am ready for his first nine weeks of home school in the Fall.
I have not even looked at Ryan's curriculum yet.
I am thankful for a long Summer!

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