Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Just Keep Swimming

My little vegetable gardens are doing well . . .
I think they like the heat . . .
they should be THRILLED because we have HEAT!
Today was 90 degrees, factor in the heat index and it felt like 99!

 The lettuce and the basil.

 The herbs.

 The flower containers on the patio.

 and the tomatoes . . .

I am thrilled with my tomato containers!

 My cucumbers . . .
well, they were doing very well until . . .
Mrs. Duck decided to lay her eggs in the cucumber container.
Now we don't water them . . .
such a sacrifice . . .
but for a good cause.

 This container was in FULL sun.
Today I was looking out at her through the binoculars to check on her and saw her panting really hard.
Katelyn and I went out to move the container out of the full sun.
Poor duck was so very thirsty but was not leaving the nest.
When we stepped up to the container she decided to fly into the lake. Once there she drank and drank.
Poor Mama duck!
We very carefully slid the container out of the sun and under a tree. It only gets sun in the early evening now.
As you can see by the above picture . . .
she seems pretty happy.

 There are ten duck eggs in the nest.
After I took this photo we quickly left so Mama duck could return.
She got back onto the dock and stood there for a minute looking for her nest. She went from one side of the dock to the other looking down at the water each time. Then she began using her senses and within a few minutes located her nest and jumped back in with her eggs. The pictures above were taken this evening.

 I love the garden by the lake.
Hydrangeas are some of my favorite flowers.

 Randy really likes the Lilies.

 The kids were swimming, so poolside I went.
Beckett joined me and went for a little swim.

 She swims very fast.

 Emma went for a swim too.

 The two wet ones dried off on the couch.

 Cody loves the pool.

This picture reminds me of Dagwood and Blondie (the cartoon).

 Beckett the life guard.



 What are those boys doing now?
Everyone has had their bath and is ready for bed.
It has been a long day.

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