Tuesday, June 12, 2012


Whew . . . so glad the day is almost done!
Katelyn isn't feeling well today . . .
nasty tummy. Hopefully, all will be normal tomorrow.

Alice made us a yummy Mexican cake . . . 
the camera setting messed with the beautiful color of the fruit.
The peaches were bright yellow and the strawberries bright red.

The boys were thrilled to head outside with helicopters this evening.
First, Daddy test drove one INSIDE.
(The camera was actually set on a setting I don't normally use - which explains the weird photos in this post.)

after an evening of helicopter fun . . .
I came inside to find this:

controllers, helicopters, screwdrivers, magazines, label machine
and USB cords all over my previously tidy desk.

The helicopters needed charged . . .
in other words . . .
plugged into the USB of the computer . . .
all FOUR of them.

The label machine was out from typing labels for the 
remote to each helicopter.

Screwdrivers to put the batteries in the remotes.

The desk has now been tidied.

Two helicopters have been charged up and put away.

Time to chill out a bit for the evening.

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