Thursday, June 28, 2012


The hour is late . . .
June 28, 2012 is almost history.

The heat was quite the topic today in our little neck of the woods.
The official temperature was 102*.
The heat index raised the overall feel of the day . . .
the weather people had predicted the heat index to be 110*.

I jumped into my car today and wanted to jump right back out!
The seats were hot, hot, hot!
I turned the car on to see this:

(please excuse the finger prints . . . it is touch screen)

Needless to say, we are spending very little time outside.
Our pool water is too warm . . .
we need to flush some out and put in cool water.

Randy did take Cody out on the Jet Ski tonight.
He came back in all red faced . . . poor guy!

I am so thankful we have air conditioning!

Tomorrow the heat will continue . . .

Stay safe and Cool everyone!

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