Sunday, June 17, 2012

Gone to the Fair in the Heat

The house has fallen quiet once again . . .
a most welcome quiet as our day was quite full and noisy.

This weekend one of our State Parks held a Renaissance Fair.
Randy was busy installing an ice maker (the kind of ice like restaurants have . . . well, we now have one). So, I thought it would be fun to take the boys out and about . . . even though the temperature was close to 90 degrees!

We headed out after lunch . . .

Ryan had my camera and took a few photos.

Out his window . . .
fields of green . . .

There was a long walk from where we parked to inside where the festivities were . . .
we caught a bus . . .
an air conditioned bus!

Those who know me . . . I mean REALLY KNOW ME . . .
know I "Do NOT like buses Sam I am"!
But today, I made an exception . . .
maybe it was the heat!
This bus even comes equipped with these little white bags!
Thankfully, none of us required one.

Once we paid to get in, we began surveying the events, tents and people. Woo Wee were there some a-hem . . .
strange folks at this here fair.
I understand the "Era" type clothing and I am not talking about them . . . it is the Other people.
Enough said.

The boys each tried their hand at Pong Bow.
Shooting this little ping pong bow and try to put the little ball into one of the holes.
Needless to say, my boys do not have even a teeny ounce of Pong Bow talent in their little bodies!
Those little ping pong balls will be found for years to come.

The girl who was at the Pong Bow was very patient with the boys.
The boys were not thrilled that they couldn't 
get the ball through the hole. 

It was around this time the boys spotted the "THROW AN AXE" booth area . . . "Wow, I want to do that!" 
They all thought I was an old fuddy duddy . . .
because I didn't think any of my boys 
should be throwing an axe . . .
for ANY reason!

So we moved on to visit more exhibits.
The guy in this booth was carving wooden spoons.
EJ is holding a partially done one in this photo.

On to the spinning wool booth.
It was VERY interesting to see the ladies work 
the spinning wheels.

The boys really enjoyed the HAT booth.

The fella that ran the booth was very . . .
he told many stories and was quite a jolly soul.

 The boys had a great time trying on hats . . .
pretending to be different characters.

 There were many re-enactments from back in time.
Actors were reciting a variety of dialogue from years and years ago.

 Katelyn decided she needed a Tattoo!
(Totally freaked Grandpa out when I told him.)
Then I had to confess . . .
it was only Henna.
Only permanent for a few weeks.

 The Bards . . . Music Players.
Very fun fellas.
They had the tent clapping, singing and laughing.
We all enjoyed them.

 I tried to cool the kids off with homemade lemonade.

 It was VERY warm . . .
but we relaxed a few minutes under the tent while waiting for Katelyn to rejoin us with her "artwork" tattoo.

This photo is of the "artwork" . . .
very fresh and very dark.

It is beautiful, but I am relieved it will eventually fade away.

The boys enjoyed the train conductor cutout thingy.

On to the Jousting event.

The knights rode atop HUGE muscular horses!
This black horse was gorgeous!

The white horse was not as pretty . . .
but was big and muscular.
I am certain he was ready for a nice bath when he was all done.

The boys spotted a Ninja in the crowd of people.

Just as the joust was beginning, Cody was beginning to look a 
bit over heated. He drank plenty of fluids, but the sun was HOT,
HOT, HOT . . . so, we all headed back to the bus.

It was a relief to sit and enjoy the coolness of the bus.
Even Cameron was showing the effects of the heat.

Daddy was happy to see us return home.
He had taken a bit of time to himself after finishing up the installation of the ice machine.
He also was able to watch a little television without 
sharing the remote! 

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