Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Gardens, Friends, Swimming and Fun

Today . . .

June 13, 2012

The sun is shining . . .
the flowers are showing their beauty. 

The duck nest now has EIGHT eggs. 

In my cucumber garden.

 This is Mama Duck . . .
she was IN the nest when I walked up to it to take a picture.
Mama duck Quacked once and then BOLTED out of the nest.
She is ONE BIG MAMA DUCK when her wings are stretched right in front of you!

I let out a blood curdling SCREAM!

Mama duck flew to the water . . .

my boys all laughed at me . . .

My heart was beating really fast . . .
I didn't think it was funny at the time . . .
but now . . . it is!
I am sure I was a sight!

 EJ is THRILLED about the tomato plant progress.
Tomatoes will be in abundance soon.

 Since we live on a lake . . .
I thought a little fish would be fun on one of the deck tables.

Plus a hand painted (by EJ) pot for plants.

and a Pottery Barn square vase of rocks . . .
I know . . .
I "Rock"!

Sorry . . . I couldn't resist!

 Play Doh cooking was on the agenda today . . .
Three very talents chefs were making a full menu of delectable eats

Even an ice cream sundae ~

 Serious work . . .


 Ryan had a friend over today . . .

 Jeb UNDER water

 a MOCK fight under water

 Buddies . . .

 Up close and personal


Ryan under water. 

Cody . . . Stylin' Dude! 





Do you think Ryan likes BBQ wings? 

 Making a BIG splash!
EJ, Cameron and Jeb 

The view from under the umbrella where I am sitting. 

The boys were playing "TAG" in the pool.
The floats were used to hide behind. 

Basketball and EJ 


This is Cody's first year to actually go "under the water".
I am very proud of him for accomplishing such a scary thing. 

Way to go Cody!

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