Monday, June 18, 2012

Friends and Swimming

I was thrilled when I woke this morning!

My sweet friend and her family were coming for a swim and visit.
The kids were swimming and we Mom's were visiting!

It didn't take long for the kids to head to the pool . . .
two of the older girls watched all of the younger ones in the pool.
Thank you Sarah and Katelyn!

Inside Kristi and I chatted about our families . . .
believe me we could chat for hours and hours!
We chatted about this and that and I was thrilled to show her the plans I have for home school this Fall.

Kristi is such a sweetie . . .
the two of us can chat just about anything that comes to mind.
I love having a Dear Friend that has a family with so much in common with mine.

While the kids were swimming, Katelyn had the camera clicking.
Photos from swimming:

 Jake with the water squirter.

Beautiful Sarah . . . 

Jake cracks me up!
Quite stylin' dude! 




EJ, Cody and Dan


Beautiful Grace . . . EJ looking on.

Grace is such a happy girl! I love her smile! 

Grace . . .
cool shot Katelyn

Cameron, Grace, Ryan and Sam 

Ryan and Sam 

Cameron looking serious. 


The kids had a great time together! 

Except for a few minutes . . .
Ryan and Cameron had to sit out. 

Sarah and Cody . . .

The day was fun . . .
thanks for coming over W family!

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The Whitakers said...

Thanks for letting the kids come and swim. They always have a great time with your kids! I'm so glad Kate took all the pictures! I had a great time visiting with you. I too woke up looking forward to spending the morning at your house!! :) Thanks for having us.

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