Friday, June 29, 2012



In my home that means bedrooms to four boys 
and one college age daughter.

Do you know how hard it is to get little boys to keep their rooms clean? Almost impossible!

Anyway . . . I suppose I will give it a try!

Let me start with . . .

Cody - age 6:

This guy:

Cody's room was designed with a beach, ocean, boat bed, boardwalk . . . a little boy's dream.

 Cody loves Lego . . .
as most Lego loving boy Mom's know, storage can be a problem.
We solved the Lego problem with a rolling rack of bins, buckets and Lego storage containers.
a nautical "night" light

and just so you don't think a six year old boy room is always nice and tidy . . . I thought I would share the "before" photos.

Please forgive the quality of these photos - taken with my phone.


Now onto Cameron - age 9 and Evan James - age 8.
This is Cameron:

and this is Evan James:

They share a room . . .
here is is:


Built in shelve storage on the left. Lego storage and chest of drawers. This photo was taken over a year ago . . . right now their room has everything from the bathroom cabinets in it as we are tiling their bathroom.

Cameron and EJ's room is a BEACH type theme . . .
like a little house on the beach with cool blue "water" for one wall and beige "sand" for the other three walls.

From the door - the floor is actually more brown than this photo shows . . . crazy.

They are also king of the messies from time to time.

I can't wait for the bathroom supplies to be back in the bathroom so I can conquer this room with organization once again.


Ryan will be 10 in September.
This is Ryan:

This is his room . . . he shares it with three lizards.
Apollo, Artemis and Zeus

The Lego table and Lizard area.
Artemis is on the left and Apollo is on the right.



Zeus - he is in there somewhere.

 Ryan needs to tidy up his room a bit . . .
as you can see,
organization is not "important" to him.
Katelyn is our ONLY girl!
She is 19 and a sophomore in college.

This is Katelyn:

Katelyn has a lovely room.
It is nice a private  . . .
perfect for my college girl!

The color scheme is serene.

 The doorway on the right is a walk in closet 
that leads to her full bathroom.

a few of her favorite things.

Thank you so much for stopping by . . .
hope you return soon to keep up with what is happening
in our lives!



Caitlin said...

I've come over from Kelly's Korner. Your children's rooms are lovely. Your home looks like they have lots of fun within. I've just begun my journey with 5 kids - also 4 boys and one girl. It's lovely seeing a more 'grown up' glimpse of what is to come.

Erin said...

You are funny I love you comment statement. :) All great rooms. I too have 4 boys, my second son's name is... Evan James!

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