Friday, June 15, 2012


We spent the day at my sister Janeie's house today . . .
it was a blast! Janeie and her family got a new pool . . .
AND an RV!

O.k. not the driving kind of RV, BUT a beautiful pulling type of upright camper . . . you know the kind like Lucy bought in the movie the Long, Long Trailer???

We headed over for lunch, to hang out and swim.

The food was ultra yummy . . . 

home made chicken salad - my mom makes the BEST!

home made noodle salad - Janeie introduced us to a new delicious salad . . . it even had sunflower seeds in it!

chips, cheetos
push pops

Tres leches cake - made by our Alice - it was scrumptious!

there were plenty of laughs . . .
great conversation . . .
kids playing . . .
dogs playing . . .
and wetness!

 It didn't take long for the kids to head out to the pool.
It was HOT, HOT, HOT . . .
the kids didn't mind!

 The kids had a blast!

 I love that the twins STILL hold onto one another!

 Pool floaties are a hit!

Bubbles are plentiful!

 lazing in the pool
(lazing is a word, isn't it?!)

 Forgive the "no eye makeup" on me . . .
I had to make a trip to the eye doc yesterday . . .
I woke with my eyelids stuck together . . .
it was nasty!
I teased that my boys super glued my eyes shut while I slept, that way I couldn't see what they were up to!

Anyway, after a few tests, the eye doc concluded I had dry corneas, terrible eye allergies and swelling.
Cold eye compresses, artificial tears and allergy drops . . .
all equals ZERO eye make up.
So . . . a - natural for me for a few days.
Nice, Right?
a few photos of Jeanette, Mom, me and Janeie.
(sister, Mom, me, sister)
and Beckett too! 

 AND all the girls . . .
Kendra, Jenna, Alyson, Gabrielle, Abigail, Katelyn (and Mia)

and the girl furry ones!
They really didn't want their photos taken together!

As for the boys - the four of them were M.I.A. and we didn't get them together for the photos.

So, I am improvising here . . .

(picture from last week)
EJ, Cody, Ryan and Cameron

There is absolutely nothing like being with FAMILY!
We simply don't get together enough!

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