Sunday, June 10, 2012


Baby it is HOT outside!

Well, maybe not EXTREMELY hot, but 86 degrees at 6:55 is pretty toasty! My favorite weather preference is 68-75 degrees.
Air Conditioning is a must for anything above 75. 

Our garden loves the heat . . .
so does that silly mama duck that has decided her nest must be in my cucumber and broccoli/cauliflower plants.

The egg count has grown to five . . .
we expect another egg tomorrow and another and another.
Chances are, according to google, she will lay a clutch of 12 eggs.
One a day until she reaches twelve.
After the last of the eggs are laid, she will then sit on them for almost a month before they hatch.
Mama duck is bringing in grasses and such to help conceal her nest . . . she is already showing she is a good mama.

I made a big announcement today . . . 
big for us anyway!

This Fall all four of our boys will remain home 
to be home schooled.

We have chosen the Abeka Academy streaming classes and curriculum. Ryan's second semester of fourth grade this past school year was through the streaming classes and he finished the school year strong in each class.

The boys are excited to be staying home in the Fall . . .
However, I don't think they fully grasp the process!
It will certainly be a change.

This summer we will be working on "togetherness". We tend to have a ton of competitiveness between the boys which leads to arguing most of the time. Working together is a major goal for them this summer.

Do you remember little Boo, the puppy born with a cleft palate and only weighed 3 ounces?
Well . . .
She is now 2 lbs!!!

Isn't she a doll?
She is doing well and the breeder has decided to keep her.
She has been thriving and I think the breeder made the right choice . . . I wouldn't have given her up either.

I headed upstairs this afternoon for a soak in the tub with bubbles and when I walked into my bedroom I found this:

Randy was sitting on the floor in a pile of socks . . .
his socks.

He decided it was time to sort through them.
I am thrilled!

I told him last week that some of his socks were getting a bit . . .
crispy, for lack of a better term. I RARELY go through his socks and discard them . . . you don't mess with the man's socks! lol

Anyway, after I took a quick photo I headed into the bath for a smallish quiet time of soaking.

 Fill her up ~
our tub does not overflow . . . there is an overflow rim around the entire tub to catch water/bubbles from someone soaking all the way to their chin . . . awesome, right?

 That is just about right!
The jets are bubbling away and the bubbles are high!
It is quiet and I can hear the little bubbles popping.

As I am soaking, I look up and read . . .




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The Whitakers said...

WOW EVERYBODY!! Good for you guys!:) It will be great, wait and see.(maybe not easy all the time), but truly great! We loved the picture of Randy working hard at the sock pile! Is he done yet!:)he!he!! When he's done we have a sock pile. Doug wants to know if he hires out!
Take care. the Whitakers :)

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