Friday, June 22, 2012

The Duck Family

This morning we found Mama duck's nest ravaged and empty.
It appears an animal helped itself to the duck eggs . . .
Mama duck has not been around or near the nest all day . . .
I guess there is no point for her to return.
Each of us were saddened at the sight of three of the broken and empty egg shells.

My boys asked "Why?"
Of course, I didn't have an answer that eased the pain of knowing Mama Duck and her eggs endured a horrible thing.
Nature has its own set of rules. 
One thing I am certain about . . .
Mama Duck didn't let her nest be ravaged without a fight ~
she was very protective of her eggs.

God instilled "Protect and Nurturing" into Mamas ~ 
Humans and Animal Mamas alike get ruffled if their children are sad, hurting, picked on, in danger etc.

A few evenings ago we all headed out on our jet skiis.
I passed by some ducks and realized it was two mama ducks and their ducklings. Those mamas had their babies scurrying along to safety as quick as their little webbed feet would take them.
I stopped and watched the duck family . . .
those little ones followed their mama without question . . .
they knew their mama would protect them.
The duck family were in unison  . . .
it was beautiful.

As a Mama to FOUR boys under ten I have my share of challenges.
There is the constant competitiveness, the fussing, the arguing, the challenges, the wrestling, the . . .
the list goes on and on.

I have a goal for my boys to reach before school begins in the Fall.

TEAM WORK between them.

This summer I would love them to learn:

to love each other UNCONDITIONALLY

to work together as a team

to respect on another

to be best buddies

 and realize how amazing four brothers can be together.

How beautiful it would be for them to 

"move in unison with one another" 

just like the duck family.

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