Thursday, June 21, 2012


Today has been a V e r y  l  o  n  g  day!!!

The boys started very early this morning . . . shortly after 6:00 a.m.

I am tired, VERY tired tonight.

Today was one of THOSE kind of days,
right from the very beginning of the day.

So I am at a loss of what to share today . . .

How about a few of the "WEIRD" things my boys 
either did or said? 

Ryan asked if he could help dry dishes. Wow . . . that is WEIRD! Ryan never asks to help with dishes. I told him sure . . . get a towel from the drawer by the stove. The next thing I see is Ryan unrolling paper towels . . . like ten of them. I stopped him and said,  "No honey NOT the paper towels. The towels are in the middle drawer between the stove and sink. He said "o.k." and proceeded to open the drawer to the left of the sink where the dish cloths were. I began to direct him again when he looked at me and said, "OH YEAH, I remember where THOSE are 'cause I have seen EJ get them". Whew . . . glad he figured it out . . . thought I would have to draw him a kitchen road map. lol

Cameron was directed to clean up his room. He was gone for a few minutes and returned to me. I told him there was no way he could be done with: picking up the toys under the bed, putting his clothes away, picking up the toys all over the floor, tidying his toy shelves, checking the closet to be sure nothing is simply thrown in there.
Cameron looked at me with a blank expression and said: "I have to do ALL of that!?"  Whew . . . slow deep breaths Mama!

Would you believe Ryan can take a 30 second shower?
Yep, he can heat up the shower, scrub all major body parts, wash his hair, rinse and get dressed . . . all in thirty seconds.
Naaaaaaa . . . I didn't believe it either!

This morning I told the boys to write FIVE things they liked about each of their brothers . . . after a little while Cody came up to me perplexed. "Mom . . . do I have to list FIVE things about Cameron that I like?" I told him . . . just do your best. Then he said, "but I can only think of THREE things I like about him!"

This afternoon I had just sat down after a morning of cooking. The first thing I heard . . . 


THIS is Apollo.

He is a Bearded Dragon (a.k.a lizard).

Apparently, Ryan had Apollo with him while he was building things in his bedroom and Apollo decided to go out on an adventure by himself. Ryan was frantic that he had "lost" his lizard. Everyone came upstairs to assist in THE SEARCH for Apollo. It wasn't long before Ryan "found" Apollo.

I guess Apollo running around on his own could explain why Emma was quivering like she was freaked out!
This is Emma . . .
Emma doesn't like creepy crawly lizardy things!

In closing . . . 
these little cuties came across my Facebook today.
It is remarkable how they all seem to relate to me!

Thank you God for my children . . .
my life would certainly be deathly boring without them.

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The Whitakers said...

ha!ha!ha!ha! I'm sooo sorry it was one of those days. When your reading it it is hysterical. Maybe not so much though when you actually have to survive it! :)And what a great would be horribly dull without so many kids to share it with!

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