Friday, June 1, 2012

Catching up!

Whew . . .
What a Week!

As you can probably tell by the slow down in posts
our week has met us coming AND going!
I REALLY need the weekend so we can slow things down a bit!

Today, I grabbed a coffee to go and headed out the door
with my youngest son to the office for a very quick "must do".
I was done in record time  and off to McD's for a drive through
pick up of breakfast for the kids.

After breakfast we got down to business around the house.
The library cabinets were messy, so we all jumped in and tidied them up. My OCD drives me crazy if games and puzzles are missing pieces . . . Although, my boys do not share my love crazy
OCD ways for putting things away properly.
We cleared through the cabinets and are purging quite a few things my boys have outgrown.

In other news, our guinea pig Bugsy has a new home!
No . . . he didn't move out!
He literally got a new home!
He went from a small cabin sized home to
a large Rabbit sized Condo!

From what I can tell . . .
Bugsy loves his new diggs!

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