Tuesday, June 26, 2012

As Ryan Said, This Has Been a Weird Day!

I must apologize for my lack of posting the past few days. It has been a lot of emotions all packed into a simple few days.

Friday night went pretty well - 
simple chilling out with Movie Night.

Saturday was a typical day . . . Randy worked on things outside, took the kids on the jet ski and then worked on tiling the boys' upstairs bathroom walls.
Katelyn and I took care of nothing much . . .
although I did watch Jurassic Park 3 with the boys.

After dinner Saturday night we went outside for a water balloon challenge. Everyone was excited. Katelyn and I didn't throw the balloons, but got plenty wet filling them. The kids were bombing each other right and left coming for filled balloons every minute or so. Sadly, the fun came to an abrupt halt when Ryan's teeth collided with the railing of our deck . . .  the railing has a few nicks . . . Ryan actually broke his two front teeth.
After an emergency call and visit to the dentist everything was a bit quiet for the remainder of the evening.

Sunday was restful . . . out of the ordinary for our home.

Monday was well . . . Monday.

Tuesday . . . it began again.
Each of us took our time getting out of bed and chilling out before we all came together to accomplish a few things upstairs.
I headed to the main floor and sat at my desk to check emails and begin paperwork for the office.
Katelyn grabbed her coffee (the boys had already made me two cups) when she walked by the guinea pig's cage and said . . .
"Hey Mr. Pig!" Then I heard a very slow and somber . . .

M . . . O . . . M . . .

I hate to admit it, but I had an inkling the evening before when Bugsy didn't look quite right to me in his eyes . . . they were 1/2 open and he was standing to be rubbed. I gave him a little rub before I went to bed which he seemed to enjoy.

Anyway, I got up and walked over to the cage . . .
Bugsy was laying on his side . . .
he had died in the night.

The three dogs . . . Emma, Mia and Beckett were all sitting around the cage quietly . . . they were very quiet and stared at the cage as if they knew . . .

I called the boys down from the upstairs. "Alice" came too.
Each of them welled in tears . . . 
sobbing filled the house.
It was strange, but I didn't cry.
I tried to explain to the kids . . . 

Bugsy was OLD.
It was odd, but our chubby guinea pig lived 5+ years.
He was a happy guinea pig that loved Katelyn and Beckett.
He squealed whenever he wanted something . . .
food, attention or to run around.

A quick call to Daddy brought him home.
He took Bugsy, put him in a ziplock and tonight he buried him 
by Kamie's headstone.

Rest in Peace Bugsy . . . 
You were a good piggy and will be missed.


An Update . . .

The sorrow in the house was a bit too much to endure this morning. So, we all loaded up and headed out to the pet store.

The boys were solemn most of the way, but perked up when we entered the store. We went straight to the small animals . . .
It didn't take long for the kids to pick a favorite.
A little piggie with a tuft of hair that seemed to have a cowlick right on top of his head.

I am pleased to introduce you to . . .


He is much smaller than Bugsy and didn't mind the kids at all.
Bugsy didn't like anyone but Katelyn to hold him.

Before I show you more of the kids with Alfalfa, I should also introduce you to . . .

Yes, Mia is giving Gibbs kisses!
Crazy, Right?

Anyway . . .
Yes, we bought two little guinea pigs.

How did we come up with their names?

Well, we worked on it all the way home.

Katelyn said the gray one reminded her of Jethro Gibbs on the show NCIS . . .  Cody started calling him Gibby . . . so, it stuck.

Alfalfa . . . well, his hair gave him his name. It stands straight up just like Alfalfa's did on the Little Rascals. The boys just watched that movie the other day.  So there you have it.

Beckett and the piggies!

Ryan and Gibbs

EJ and Alfalfa

Katelyn and Alfalfa . . . she didn't want her face in the picture.

Cody thought their nails were a little too sharp.

Cameron and Alfalfa

EJ, Gibbs and Emma
Little Gibbs like hiding under Emma's belly!


In closing, I would like to request prayer for Ryan.
He will be getting his front teeth repaired and will be
in the dentist chair for a few hours.

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