Saturday, May 19, 2012

Today and Pictures

This afternoon we took a nap! It was a really busy week and we were really tired, so after a busy morning of planting an herb container garden, baseball, tidying up, cleaning the lizard houses, etc. Nap Time!

Katelyn visited with a few graduates as she attended graduation parties. She had a really nice time and was thrilled to chat with friends and relatives of "the graduates". She returned home all giggly and had stories to tell!

The lake has been full of crazy jet skiers . . . apparently, they are unaware of the lake speed limit. Where are the lake "Po Po's" when you need them???

Allergy nasties are in the air . . . those of us with a sensitivity to them are itching and sneezing! It will be nice when the nasties calm down a bit.

Emma was relaxing on the main floor deck. 

Beautiful flowers I received for Mother's Day. 

Katelyn, Randy, Emma and Beckett

EJ, Cody and Cameron playing ball.

One of my flower gardens around the pool.

EJ and Cameron

Catchers must ALWAYS be protected!

EJ loves his baseball gloves!

Kitchen Garden


Mother's Day Marigold from Cody

Zooming in on the big lake opening

Beckett is listening to Katelyn

Beckett's little Flag is flying!

Mia is chilling out.

The sun is beginning to set.

Everyone has now come inside.

Bath time is over . . .

the kids are all clean and sweet smelling!

(Don't tell the boys I said that!)

My boys are in their jammies . . .

the house is quieting down for the evening.

It was a lovely day at our home . . .

How about yours?

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