Sunday, May 27, 2012

Teaching the Boys to Tube

Our Sunday has started out slowly . . .
although the boys were bouncing out of bed earlier than I would like, we did get to chill out in bed for a while.

Today is a day of nothing pressing to take care of.
A day to simply enjoy one another and relax.

Randy and I talked about getting the tube out and test the boys' tubing skills - they have never tubed before!

The temperature is going to be hot, hot, hot.
As I write, the temperature is a balmy 88 degrees with an expected temperature of 96 degrees before the day is done.
The humidity will add a bit of miserable to the temps . . .
Nasty ole humidity!

Jet skiing fun . . .
swimming fun . . .
boating & tubing  fun . . .

all great things to keep the boys busy in the heat!

Fast forward several hours . . .

So, we started the first tubing lesson for our boys with a BANG!

I absolutely love the looks on their faces!

It wasn't long before our first casualty!
Cameron fell off . . .

When he did, his swim trunks went straight to his ankles!
Randy had a smirk on his face in this photo . . .
He was quite delighted that Cameron realized the 
DANGERS of tubing early!

A minute or two to adjust little boy trunks 
and we were going again!

Poor Ryan was in a really bad spot - he was heading OFF 
the tube and Daddy was right next to him!


Oh Dear . . . lost two of them!

Back to the tube they swam.

 Cameron thought it was FUNNY~!

Daddy, not so much.
Now he has to figure out how to get BACK ON!

 Let's just say, Randy used some muscles he hasn't used
in a while!
The boys were learning first hand - 
no man is left behind!

 Back to tubing - it wasn't long before they came down off of a
wave and Ryan was back in the water!

The peanut gallery watched from the inside the boat . . .
under the shade awning.

 We have some pretty determined tubers!

Time to "change up" the entertainment!

Time for THREE of the boys.
(BTW, Cody absolutely refused to take a turn tubing!)

 The boys were doing really good until Cameron lost his grip!

Over he went!

EJ and Ryan were watching Cameron in the water.

Mia wasn't sure what to think.

Beckett was content watching the boys.

Tubing went well for a long stretch . . .
then we hit a nice wake and Ryan went in!

We really had a great time and laughed at all the fun.

The temps were climbing and when we finally pulled into the 
boat lift, the temperature was 95 degrees.

We put everything away and lay the tube in the sun to dry.
Everyone headed inside to cool off.

As I write, Randy has all four of the boys in the pool.
I would love to be outside taking photos, but
I think there is a BIG possibility I would absolutely melt
from the heat!

Ice cream sure sounds yummy!

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