Friday, May 25, 2012

Our Day in Pictures

Day 5 of Summer Vacation

found us knee deep in Lego and other boy type things!

I gathered the troops together about 9:00 a.m. and we all bravely stepped into our six year old Cody's room.
We knew the job was going to take a while because we were sorting ALL OF THE LEGO pieces, tidying bins, cleaning through all of his toys that are in his closet, etc.
I took these photos with my cell phone
while my troops were "in the trenches"!

Katelyn and EJ were steadily sorting toys.

Katelyn moved over to sort Lego and Cody decided to take over.
Mia supervised.

Ryan found a few toys that were . . . 
well, for lack of a better word

Cameron and Cody are busy sorting Lego . . .
Yes, that square yellow bucket with handles was 
FULL of Lego.

Afraid of a "strike" I let the troops break for lunch.
Sis picked them up McD's.
They were starved!

After several hours - 
six or so
our troops wrapped it up . . .

 Everything is in place!

The rolling rack with bins is an awesome way to sort Lego pieces!
The stacking red, yellow and blue bins are actual Lego storage as are the Lego buckets.

Cody's book case has two Lego "people" display cases that he can access easily when he wants.

a little basket for those odd things like tissue, flashlights,
game cards, etc.
The lantern/nautical type light is actually a three level light and great as a night light.

 The room has a nautical theme - 
boat bed, wall murals, sailboats . . .
this is the top of the chest.

Each of the boys have this picture in their room.
Uncle Sam, Aunt Darlene and Ryan.
Finally, we were ready for some fun!

I took one of the jet skis out and Beckett came along.
She does very well on the jet ski and absolutely loves going.

After Beckett and I slowly toured the lake, I had one of the boys take her back inside and had one come out to ride "wild" with me.
Randy came out and took another with him.
We had a blast!

Soon it was time to head in and open up the pool.
The boys that didn't ride the jet ski had been watching a movie inside with Katelyn.
Ryan and EJ headed inside to get their trunks on and tell the boys they were going to swim. Randy and I went into the pool area and waited for the boys.

Here are some photos of the evening:

Cody looking under the water. 

 Who? ME?

One of our container plants on the deck.

A spider web.

Beckett watching the boys.

Ewwww . . . a big nasty spider!

One of the deck light fixtures.
They are also around the pool.

Cody and EJ (behind)

This boy DOES like to have his photo taken!

Pool basketball . . .
the boys don't quite get the exact meaning . . .
POOL basketball.
In the pool ~ not on the pool deck.

EJ actually made this basket.

Cody took matters into his own hands.
(Our poor net!)

He scores!


Ryan LOVES Beckett . . .
and at the time of this photo . . .
she loved him too!


Rough housing . . .

Cameron and Ryan are a pretty good challenge for each other
and they had a great time!
The sky is now dark and the boys have been bathed and are in bed.

Tomorrow we don't plan to do much ~
other than enjoy our family and our day.

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