Monday, May 14, 2012

My Boys

Yesterday I had a lovely Mother's Day . . .

I was spoiled by three of my boys and my girl.

I received beautiful gifts from all of my children.

Today . . . back to reality.

It has been a while since I tackled any of the boys' rooms . . .

so, we began with the worst and began to tidy, organize and thin out the boy's room . . .

This boy:
To say my boy is a bit irritated with my choice of  "adventure" for the day is quite the understatement. Even more so when his room was lightened a bit. All in all, he should be thrilled to have help in getting his room back into acceptable condition . . .
and even demanding he get rid of the water bottle he filled with urine and hid behind his shelving of games and other toys.

Yeah, boys are GROSS!


This boy has decided he chooses NOT to be Nine years old, but an adult. He has continuously defied his Mom and Dad's rules and instruction, so he has been deemed an "adult" and must pay his own way (in a matter of speaking).
Of course, we are keeping a close watch on him to make sure he does not incur any injury to himself or his well being, but the boy is getting a tiny taste of adulthood.

This boys turned NINE years old yesterday.
He seems to think he is at least 21 and can make decisions that are against the instruction and rules Mommy and Daddy have set forth for our family. After repeated (I can't even tell you how many repeats) instruction and warning, our son chose HIS way as the one he wanted to take. So, Daddy and Mommy decided to let him be an "adult". So, our son is learning the hard way that things are expensive and that birthday money will not "provide" for every day essentials for very long. Not only is he learning that life is not free, but also the value of a dollar. Prayerfully he will also learn that Mommy and Daddy don't make rules to be meanies, but because we love him, want him to be safe and know what is best for him.

He has expressed several times that he doesn't want to be an adult after all . . . and he has just begun the very small
"trek" of adulthood. I certainly hope this lesson is a short one and he learns well so we can move on to an amazing summer of fun.


This boy has been enjoying life and keeping busy with baseball. He absolutely LIVES baseball! Randy and I watch him in amazement as he slugs the ball, catches pop flies and ground balls pretty well. EJ is maturing and wearing his feelings on his shoulders seems to be slowly fading into the past.


Our youngest boy is growing up quickly . . .
just like his brothers.
This Thursday he graduates from Kindergarten . . .
I can hardly believe it!

Being a Mama is hard . . .

but I wouldn't trade it for anything!

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Marva said...

A hard job with many blessings!

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