Monday, May 7, 2012

Life in the fast lane

Life in the fast lane . . .

Do you ever feel that your Life is in the fast lane?

Do you feel as if your life is passing by faster and faster every day and you can hardly remember what day it actually is?

These past weeks life has been zipping by. In fact, yesterday my youngest son Cody asked me what day it was . . . This may sound crazy, but I actually had to look at the computer to check the day and date.

What keeps everyone so very busy?

What takes our time each day?

Where do the years go?

There are times we forget to stop and take notice of our lives ticking away. We are too "busy" with life to actually stop and enjoy it. If your family is like ours, there are plenty of "interruptions, occasions and must do's" to thoroughly engulf each of us. Each day we sit down and pencil in this or that in our calendar . . . if you are like me, I keep a calendar online ~ it syncs my phone, ipad and computer ~ makes life a little more "tidy" or so I thought.

This past weekend, I was reminded that "things" are not always as they appear in our Calendar of life . . .

I felt good, relaxed and accomplished . . . Ryan had finished up his 4th grade year of school ~ our first semester of home school was completed. The other three boys are counting down to the last day of school for them. Katelyn has only one day remaining of her Freshman year of College. I took a glance at the calendar . . . nothing until my hair appointment . . . whew, what a good feeling!

Not so fast JuJu!!! (my nickname)

A little visit with my Mama on Saturday quickly awakened me . . . I had completely missed my niece and nephew's birthday AND another niece had a birthday today! Way to go JuJu! I couldn't understand it . . . all of the Birthday's are in my online calendar. I brought up my calendar to check . . . just as I thought . . . there was nothing on it . . . nothing I missed.

WRONG! Life was not as it appeared . . . I was MISSING the IMPORTANT things . . . Celebrating LIFE!

I am sure you are wondering  . . . where in the world is this post going?

This calendar thing has made me think . . .

I know your lives are busy. Busy with kids, schedules, work, house, sports, appointments, meetings, play dates, school requirements, etc. You and I think we have our lives "penciled in" for each day of every week but it is o.k. because,

Everyone else is doing it! It is expected to enroll your kids in every sport. It is expected that you attend this or that . . . etc.

What about those times when LIFE sneaks up on you?

REAL life . . . not the every day "stuff".

Real life includes those unexpected events . . . things that make your heart go up in your throat . . . things that scare you to tears . . . sickness . . . injuries . . . age . . . death.  A full to overflowing calendar does not matter in the entire scheme of things!

So . . .

Is it really important that our children are enrolled in every sport imaginable?

Is it really important that we keep our schedules so busy we cannot keep everything straight?

Why do we "think" we have to attend every school or church function?

Why must we engross ourselves in every sporting event?

Why do we feel that we must attend every occasion we are invited to?

Why must we engulf our lives that we cannot catch ourselves coming or going?

Is it really important to spread our lives so thin that we forget to ENJOY our lives?

Take a look at your family . . . husband or wife, child or children . . . shouldn't THEY be the most important?

Wasn't it just yesterday you were married? Your spouse was the most important person in your life! You didn't want to be anywhere without him/her! Now ~ each of you basically lead individual lives ~ you actually have to "pencil in" a date on the calendar!

Your kids . . . they were just born, weren't they? (In reality - they are growing up too quickly and will be out of the house before we know it.)

Where did time go?

In most homes EVERYONE has their own agenda for the day ~ everyone is coming and/or going.  Most families seem to be so consumed with life outside the home they never have time to enjoy one another!

I want to challenge each of us . . .

Say YES to spending time with your family. Enjoy your spouse . . . Enjoy your children . . . Enjoy your family. Time is ticking away and with each second of the day, so is life. We never know what tomorrow will bring . . . make each day special. Fill your day with those you love. Make Memories none of you will forget!

Because . . .

When we become old and are probably alone . . . it will be too late.

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Marva said...

Thanks for the reminder! Life is hard and there is a fine line there to have to balance on.

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