Monday, May 21, 2012

IT Begins!

Today marks the "official" first day of Summer Vacation and should have been our first day to sleep in! However, sleeping in does NOT seem to be happening in our home!

The boys were up early once again this morning . . .
they may have even beat the "chickens" out of bed.

While I had my first cup of coffee, the boys joined me in my sitting room and we popped in the movie Thor. My boys are all VERY into action flicks . . . especially super hero ones.

I am thankful for a bit of down time this morning.
Yesterday, while tidying up the boys' room, I pulled my back and am now a bit gimpy and slow moving. Hopefully, all will loosen soon and I will be back to moving around as normal.

I am thrilled the boys love to play outside . . .
after watching Thor, we will be heading outside.
Fishing sounds like a great idea for the morning.
Baseball should keep the boys busy for a long while today as well.

Later this week we will be organizing the boys' Lego collection . . .
by color. I can't wait!!!
I believe I have caught the organizing bug once again ~~
look out family . . .
It Begins!

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