Monday, May 14, 2012

a Fishing we Will Go!

Tonight as I write I REEK of fish!

Randy and I went out back to the lake, along with FOUR little boys, a can of corn and two boxes of night crawlers.

Randy ALWAYS makes fun of me about fishing with corn, BUT
tonight he discovered the err of his ways!

The boys tried out the corn . . .
it is a lot less messy than getting worm guts all over your hands!
Just ask the boys!
Even the boys gross out at worm guts!

The boys began pulling little fish out of the lake one by one . . .
Randy was watching with a bit of disgust on his face.

"Hey, what are you guys fishing with?" Randy FINALLY asked!


"Give me a few pieces of that corn!" was the next thing I heard.

Believe it or not, the corn DOES work!

I learned that little ole trick during my childhood at a campground we frequented in the summers.

The fishing was a success tonight . . .

we each acquired that "SPECIAL" scent of lake fish!

BTW . . .

I caught the largest fish . . .

TWO of them!

First this guy:

and right before we finished fishing for the night . . .
I caught this fella . . .

Cameron helped me out!

Everyone is inside now . . .
everyone but me has had their bath.

Katelyn tells me I smell REALLY fishy!
I have to agree ~~~ I can smell myself!

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Marva said...

I have never heard of using corn for bait. Gonna try that! We love to fish!

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