Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Day 3 of Summer Vacation

Whew! I am exhausted ~ how about you?

Today was Day 3 of Summer Vacation and it was a L.O.N.G. day!

The fussing and picking at one another began the second their forty little piggies . . . hmmmm two of the boys seem to be getting their "MAN" feet so maybe I should rephrase . . .

The fussing and picking at one another began the second their noisy and always going feet hit the floor. As I write, 
it continues . . .
thankfully Daddy is home and I just heard him make his way to the bedroom the boys are all congregated in.

I put them all on a joint adventure . . .

sorting Lego pieces.

Each of the boys have thousands of little and big Lego pieces . . .
this afternoon we put together two of these: 
sorry the image is blurred . . .
the image was from the order page.
I will take pictures of the FINISHED project complete 
with labels and Lego pieces!
Who knows, maybe it will even make it to Pinterest!
The shelving is together ~ easy.
The bins are all on the shelves ~ easy.
The labels are on the bins ~ at least the colors 
that have been sorted. ~ also easy.
Next the long and tedious job of sorting thousands of Lego pieces.
I think tomorrow I will challenge the boys . . .
If they can sort all of Cody's, Cameron's, EJ's and Ryan's Lego pieces by a certain date, I will . . .
(get back to you on that one!)

Prior to the building of shelving and Lego sorting expedition, we put our new Sea Doo jet skiis in the water and played for a while.
Two of the boys rode with Randy and Ryan rode with me. Katelyn and Cody went to pick up the girls from their day of beauty.
Once Katelyn returned home, she took out one jet ski and I took out the other. I had Ryan with me, along with Beckett and Mia. Yes, our furry girls rode along and loved it 
(as long as I didn't go over 20 mph)!

One jet ski on the jet ski lift for the night.
 Katelyn had gone off ahead of me and then cut to the right
 as I snapped this photo.

 Katelyn on her jet ski

Katelyn driving off.

O.k. don't laugh! I was moving slow, steering and 
taking a photo of Beckett.

I had zero makeup on my face, the hair was wind blown and my roots are showing! Don't laugh!

Ryan was behind me holding Mia. 
She enjoyed the ride too!

The girls will be getting some Doggles (goggles for dogs) so they can actually see when we are cruisin' down the lake.

Tonight, they are exhausted . . .
between a day of beauty and jet skiing . . .
they are wiped out!

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