Wednesday, May 2, 2012

A Baseball Team of FOUR?

It has been a few days since I have posted . . . 

Monday and Tuesday, Ryan and I worked hard to complete the remainder of 4th grade Home School. I am THRILLED to say . . . He finished up 4th grade with a BANG and earned all A's except for Math which he earned a B+. He is now (we are now) on summer vacation!

Tonight we enjoyed the backyard. The boys (all four) enjoyed playing baseball. It is only a four player game, but the boys thoroughly enjoy themselves! They switch off between pitcher, batter, catcher and outfield. 

EJ was the catcher and Cody was the batter in this photo. Not sure why my little guy is standing quite like that, but hey . . . 
whatever works!

 I Love the faces they make!

Our boys have very UNIQUE ways to play ball.
Like this "catcher" position . . .
why get your legs all tired out?

 Of course, then there is the RUN for home while the next
guy is grabbing the bat for his turn.

 Trying to tag your brother out as he runs all over the place!
We don't have the "baselines" so I guess it isn't so important.

 Two brothers on the SAME base are running for "home" at the same time . . . was an interesting "play". 

 Cameron was keeping his eye on the ball!

 As you can see, Ryan gave the ball a whack!
This may have been the "hit" that went straight into the 
"pitcher's" face. EJ survived the hit to the noggin and didn't even cry! In fact, he laughed it off. Randy checked his head and the baseball stitching had actually left an impression where it hit.
EJ was o.k.

The sun was beginning to sink down in the sky.
I thought it was beautiful through the tree.

Cody was taking an Oreo cookie break.

The boys definitely get their running in!

 Emma had just finished up a yellow Oreo cookie and was quite content! She LOVES baseball . . . there are plenty of snacks!

Old Glory was blowing in the gentle breeze.

Of all four boys, EJ LOVES baseball the most!

Beautiful and calm.

Roses in bloom

One of the gardens are starting to bloom too!

As Randy and I watched the boys play baseball he mentioned that we have our own little team. I smiled and felt the need to set him straight . . . I told him baseball teams have a minimum of NINE players and we ONLY have four! I mentioned that to have a "team" we needed to ADD FIVE more!
He smiled and said . . .
"I think they are playing just fine with FOUR!"
I laughed . . .

Our boys are enjoying one another.
They are a bit competitive, but realize they are best buds.
This Mama sat back as they played and enjoyed them.

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The Whitakers said...

Hi Mrs. Price! :)
I love baseball! When our family is around for get-to-gethers, we always play's the best! Can't wait for Jr/Sr tomorrow with Katelyn! :)

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