Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Update on Our Little Buddy

First, I want to thank everyone for the prayers for our Cody!
After arriving home yesterday morning, we were pretty worn out.
We tried to rest, but it was hard as I was trying to keep track of his breathing and oxygen levels. He remained on nebulizer treatements every two hours during the day and also took oxygen levels with our little Oximeter (great little gadget to have)!

When Cody was released from the ER yesterday morning his oxygen level was between 93&94. Last night at bedtime the level was still bouncing in the 93-94 range. Before I went to bed, I gave him a nebulizer treatment and took another reading . . . t
he gadget read 98.

Praise the Lord!

This morning upon waking Cody was quite congested, but once moving around and coughing he cleared his bronchi and we achieved a 96 reading. Tonight we achieved another 98 and were quite thrilled! Cody continues to cough quite a bit and has a ton of "snot" . . . I encourage him to blow it all out and he complies with my request ~ almost a little too much! He has to "check out" the tissue when he is finished blowing and then report his findings to me . . . NASTY . . . I know!

This morning I spent a while helping Cody with his Lego set. He really didn't need my help and basically had me help him seperate and locate pieces. He put 99% of it together by himself. I loved watching him . . . he has Madd Lego Skills!

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Marva said...

So glad he is better and his O2 is up! Hugs!

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