Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Tuesday Happenings at Our House

God woke me early this morning . . . before the alarm sounded.
I was able to enjoy my quiet time in the still of the house ~
(before the eight feet and 40 toes hit the floor running).

After my quiet time, shower, hair drying and getting dressed,
I headed in to Ryan's room to wake him.
I have to tell you, that boy is getting closer and closer to being a teenager ~
even though he is only 9 1/2!
That boy loves to sleep in every morning!

I flipped on the lights to the Bearded Dragon tanks . . .
Apollo, Zeus and Artemis were all ready for the day.
I took the opportunity to thoroughly clean the two tanks
and then it was feeding time.
I love it when the Beardies smile!
They really do!

Once the Beardies were clean and fed, I headed to the main floor . . .


Day 2 of Achievement Testing.

Yesterday the testing was on Math Procedures.

Today the testing was on Spelling and Word Study Skills.

There are several home schooled children that are in the same session as Ryan.
Yesterday, it was interesting to hear each of them on the conference call.
The teacher was very calm and patient with each child . . .
even when she repeated herself many, many times.
I am sure she will be happy when the testing week is over!

Ryan LOVES taking the Achievement Tests!
I was really surprised he liked it so much.

Three tests down now . . .
SIX tests to go!

Reading Comprehension and Social Science tomorrow.
Math Problem Solving and Science Thursday.
Language and Reading Vocabulary on Friday.


Today our Easter Shutterfly book arrived!!!

I am THRILLED how it turned out!

If you are interested in taking a look . . .
click on LINK to EASTER below.

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