Sunday, April 15, 2012

Today, April 15 ~ Fishing, Baseball and an Injury

Our Sunday was filled with fun and relaxation!

Lego, Baseball cards and Baseball entertained the four boys this morning.

This afternoon we watched the Cubbies lose to the Cardinals.
The boys and I cheered the Cubbies on as Randy chuckled as he was cheering for the Cards.
The boys were good sports about the Cubs losing and said . . .
"Well, someone has to lose and we need to be good sports!"
This Mama was very proud of them!

After the game we had burgers on the grill . . .
compliments of Daddy!

After dinner clean up was finished, Randy and I snuck down to the lake
to try fishing . . . our first for the season.
It wasn't long before the short peeps of the family found us!
The furry ones had joined us for the fishing adventure and enjoyed sniffing
the fish as they were reeled in.
Randy was catching bluegill left and right.
I was simply drowning worms . . .
until all of a sudden my pole tried to get away from me.
I was sitting with Beckett snuggled on my chest
hen the pole took off.

I grabbed it . . .
it was bending . . .

Still holding Beckett, I managed to wrangle the fish all the way to the dock.
The boys heard all of the excitement . . .
(Randy told me I was yelling . . . Oh MY, Oh MY, Oh MY!!!)
they came running!

Just as the boys reached the dock and Randy was reaching down to pick up the fish from the water,
my fishing line broke, BUT not before we got a good look at him.

I was not excited to see that I had reeled in a CARP . . .
I was thrilled that it was BIG . . .
I believe it was the biggest fish I have EVER
ALMOST caught!

Randy saw it and was laughing his head off . . .
he said, "Watching you trying to reel in that fish with Beckett on your chest
and screaming Oh MY was a sight!"

Thanks Babe!

Then he added  . . . the fish had to have been 4 or 5 lbs.

Cameron saw the fish and was jumping up and down with excitement.
Ryan, EJ and Cody were disappointed that they missed it.
Emma watched each fishing pole and line each time it was reeled in . . .
she loved seeing the fish!

We each calmed down and the boys went back to playing baseball.
(No, we did not let them fish tonight . . . just Randy and I.)
Randy and I went back to fishing . . .
listening to the boys play ball.
I love hearing that sound of the baseball bat hitting the ball!

It wasn't long before we heard . . .

"Cameron, I didn't MEAN to!"
(repeated over and over)

Then I heard . . . "Man UP Cameron!" said by EJ.

I don't remember if it was Randy or I that asked what was going on . . .
but the boys all came to the dock where we were.
(Note: Randy could see the boys the entire time we were fishing ~ they were not unattended.)

I turned to see the four boys walking up to us . . .
Cameron had his hand on his forehead.
Cody immediately said, "I didn't MEAN TO . . .Really I didn't!"

I asked Cameron what was wrong and he took his hand down from his forehead . . .
I dropped my pole and jumped out of my chair.
Cameron had a goose egg on his forehead!!!
Randy yelled for one of the boys to RUN and get ice.
EJ ran up to the house.

I told Cameron to sit down and then asked what had happened.

You know how you tell your kids over and over and over and . . .
well you get the picture!

Do Not . . .
go behind someone on the swing!

Do Not . . .
go behind someone batting!

Stay Clear of Moving Objects!

You know, those important Safety instructions.

Well, apparently it was Cody's turn at bat and Cameron was the catcher.
Cameron got too close to Cody's bat . . .
the two came together . . .
Cody's bat and Cameron's forehead.

We watched Cameron for any signs of concussion . . .
dizziness, vomiting, drowsiness, eye irregularities of the pupil . . .
We looked at the goose egg . . .
we are thankful it came out and had not gone in!

The ice helped tremendously and took the bump down quite a bit.
Tonight he still had a bump though it looked much better.
I think it will bruise . . .
but only showed a little bruise before bed.

I will be checking him in the night . . .
just to make sure he is easily stirred awake.

Life with kids can certainly be hard on a Mama and Daddy's heart, nerves and hair color!

Praising God Cameron is o.k.

We are fortunate it was only Cody swinging the bat and not EJ or Ryan . . .
it would have been much, much worse.

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The Whitakers said...

I think our all these kids are good for at least one heart attack a day don't you!!! I'm glad he's ok, boy will he have a story to tell. With all the gray hairs this caused you may need to make a special trip to see Staci !! :) Hope today is calm. Good day to stay in with all the yucky weather.
Take care, Kristi :)

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