Saturday, April 28, 2012

Slept In!

Good Morning everyone! Can you believe it is Saturday? We are enjoying a slow and pretty quiet morning . . . the boys even let us sleep in!!!!

I am enjoying a yummy cup of coffee, while writing, as I sit in our sitting room that ajoins our master bedroom ~ my little retreat this morning!

The skies are pretty yucky this morning ~dreary, with a chill in the air and breezy.

Cody is feeling a little better each day. He only had three breathing treatments yesterday . . . compared to the every two hours he had endured the days before. His oxygen levels are improving as well . . . last night he actually reached a 99. Although the 99 only remained for a short time, we can really see his improvement.

Last night we took the kids for a FAMILY date to Granite City. Three of the boys had the pepperoni flatbread pizza . . . they each had their own and two of them almost ate their entire flatbread pizza. Ryan had a bit to take home. That was after TWO appetizers! Yes, those boys have HUGE appetites! I have a feeling they will eat like BAM BAM from the Flintstons or Jethro from the Beverly Hillbillies when they are teenagers!

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Marva said...

So glad to hear Cody is on the mend! A family date sounds like a great treat!

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