Monday, April 16, 2012


 My morning began shortly after 6:00 a.m. this morning.
I am making a conscious effort to get up before the boys so I can have quiet time in my Bible.
This morning, I was up BEFORE the alarm sounded ~
in fact I turned it off before it could sound in an attempt to keep things quiet
and not wake the boys.

I gathered my Bible, Devotional by Ann Graham Lotz and my first cup of coffee for the day and headed into our master sitting room. I would love to head on out on the deck for my quiet time, however it was a bit brisk this morning . . . 50 degrees and WINDY!
Instead, I snuggled up in the chair and got into my Bible.

It wasn't TEN minutes before Cody headed into my bedroom . . .
I am NOT kidding!
Generally, school days are a struggle to get the boys out of bed!

I told Cody he had to be extremely quiet and respectful as I was trying to read my Bible.
He was compliant and went to his bedroom to dress.
Within mere minutes, two more boys were up and walking into my room.
I shooshed them immediately and instructed them to get ready for school.

I am thankful . . .
I did get my quiet time in and it made the entire day easier.


Achievement testing began this morning . . .
Yes, even our homeschooled son must take achievement testing.
I love seeing the results of what the kids have learned from these tests.
This is the first year Ryan has taken his on the computer through Abeka Academy.
I am thrilled with the skill and attention the teachers of Abeka Academy devote to their students.
The students in their classroom and the online students receive the very best education!
They are extremely thorough!

Today was the achievement testing for Math and Ryan thought it was a blast!


Cameron's goose egg looked much better this morning!
He has a bit of a bruise, but it doesn't look too bad.


The house is all quiet and it is time for this Mama to head for bed.
Morning comes a bit too early!

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