Friday, April 6, 2012

Mom of the Year?

Today, I told my family . . .

I should receive the Mom of the Year award!

Now, I am sure you are wondering WHY!

Take a look:


 The Boys all received Scooters . . .
 'cause I am COOL that way!
 (insert HUGE laugh here)

They had a blast!

I love the look of determination Cameron has here!
The tongue out to the side! 

 EJ decided to try the TUMMY position.

 Mia stays clear of the scooters.
I love her "snaggle tooth" hanging out.

 The sun was out (even though it was chilly) and Apollo 
enjoyed the sunshine with us.

Apollo was very aware of his environment and watched
for birds of prey wanting an exotic lizard meal.

 Mia decided to get up close and personal with Apollo.

Activity change . . .
my boys love baseball.
and so does the "green lantern"

This boy loves himself some baseball!

Ryan missed out on all of our outdoor fun . . .
he stayed inside watching television.

So, what do you think?




Mom of the Year???

o.k. maybe not . . .


Leslie said...

Mom of the year worthy for sure..and so FUN! Lucky boys. What an exciting way to spend the afternoon.

Marva said...

Great pics Juju! YES......You deserve the Mom of Year award! The boys are very blessed but we are also! Hugs!

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