Friday, April 13, 2012

Mama to FOUR boys

Kelly is hosting a Mom to Boys day over on her blog HERE. So, I thought I would write a post because I am a mom to FOUR boys (and one 19 year old daughter.)

My boys are basically stairsteps . . .

Ryan is 9 1/2

Cameron is almost 9

Evan James (EJ) is almost 8

Cody just turned 6

Life is never dull in our home . . . what one doesn't think of the others will!
NOT kidding!

My kiddos like baseball and plenty of it . . .
they are CUB fans all the way.

Life in our house is NOISY . . .

Boys do nothing quietly!


I homeschool Ryan . . .
he is in the 4th grade.

The other boys attend a local Christian school . . .

Cameron is in 3rd grade.

Evan James is in 2nd grade.

Cody is in Kindergarten.


Our boys are adventurous and love unique ideas . . .

one night we had Cowboy night.

The boys all put on their cowboy hats, grabbed some fishing line and caught fish from our lake.

They ate: rattlesnake and beans (hotdogs and beans)

along with a little bread.

We all shared stories by the fire.

Read Bud and Me . . . at least a few chapters.

They slept in a tent . . . with Daddy.
(Mommy and Katelyn slept inside with the air conditioner.)

If you would like to see pictures of the Cowboy camp out click HERE

You can also check out the remainder of my blog . . .
totally about our family life . . .

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