Monday, April 23, 2012


Ryan is beyond thrilled tonight! He finished up three subject of 4th grade for this school year . . . and he ACED them! Today he finished up Health, Penmanship & Reading. He will continue to work on Penmanship (because he really needs the practice) however the papers will not be graded. Tomorrow we will work hard to finish up History and his last book report.

Home school for 1/2 of this school year is almost finished . . . It was a bit of an adjustment for Ryan and I, BUT it was exactly where God wanted Ryan and I to be. We had our ups and downs ~ our challenges and easy times ~ we had our days when Ryan just couldn't seem to concentrate. Then we had our days that were amazing.

I love seeing my boy learn! I love watching him zip through a test and know the answers PLUS the bonus questions! I love spending time with him (although there are times we need our own space)!

I have been asked many times, "How do you like home schooling?"
To be completely honest . . . there are days that I LOVE it and days I am frustrated. However, the good days outweigh those frustrating days.

We have tremendous support and love surrounding us throughout the year and that even includes our home school endeavors.

Ryan will be in 5th grade in the Fall . . . and will be a home school student once again. Cameron wants to attend home school too. We are still praying about whether to bring him home for 4th grade. It should be pretty easy since Ryan is just finishing up 4th grade.

Next year I would love to add a class for Ryan and possibly Cameron concerning reptiles. Since we have three Bearded Dragons, we should have great examples. I just need to find a bit of curriculum ~~~ Christian Curriculum. Throughout the year Ryan is enrolled at Abeka Academy and studies with the Abeka curriculum. I don't think they have anything on reptiles! lol I guess I have a bit of homework . . . find a suitable curriculum for this venture.

Home School is not for everyone . . . I am Thankful it works for us!


The Whitakers said...

Wooo Hooo Congratulations guys! I was so excited to read this post! You did it. Actually, you didn't just do it, you ACED it! Good for you!!! :)

Cheerful Homemaker said...

Hooray for being done so early! My brother was home schooled for the 6th grade and did the A Beka curriculum.

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