Sunday, April 22, 2012


This weekend was a bit busy . . .
and even a bit productive!

I LOVE being productive, don't you?

Yesterday we were busy out in the yard.
We tidied up planters - emptied the winter foliage out of them.
Six or Seven lawn and leaf bags later
we were ready to burn.
I began burning in our fire pit . . .
I was taking it slow and steady.
The fire was burning well . . .
soon, my hubs caught the "firebug" vibe and joined me.
Well, maybe I shouldn't say joined . . .
it was more like took over the job.
It was definitely fine by me!

What is it with Men and Fire?

By the time all was burned we all smelled a bit like
we had spent the weekend around a campfire.
The boys would have loved that . . .
in fact at one point Cody brought out the mini marshmellows and
Ryan brought out the hot dog forks.

Sorry boys, we cannot roast mini marshmellows on the hot dog forks! It really was HYSTERICAL!

Katelyn spent all day Saturday with Grandma and some of Grandma's sisters. They headed "down home" to Southern Illinois to the old family cemetaries. It has been a tradition for years and years to jump in a car, van or suv for a day of visiting the graves and leaving beautiful flowers on the "Great Grandma, Grandpa, Aunts, Uncle and even Cousins" graves.

Katelyn loves history and ancestry . . .
all together, she loves visiting the cemetary.

Katelyn and the girls found family . . .
and Service Men

Family stones with nature growing on it.

 Dorthy ~ died after consuming grapes.

 Simple without a date.

 Relatives that died very young.

 Worn and ragged . . .

 Beautiful Words

 a solider from the Black Hawk War

Ornate stone and simple stones . . .
strange differences . . .
same family

 I had the pleasure of meeting Uncle Gilbert and Aunt Thelma years ago. Aunt Thelma was Grandma Fischer's (Mom's Mom) sister.

You are probably thinking . . .

This is a really STRANGE post.

To me, not so strange.

 To me it symbolizes family . . . remembering . . . history . . .

so much has happened in between the years
represented on these stones.

I am especially drawn to the stones that "tell a story"
a daddy, a mommy, a child, a baby
a banker
a soldier

Did you know that many stones have "stories" carved into them?
The various carvings . . . have meaning.
It is very intersting.

If you have a few minutes to spare sometime,
take a walk through the cemetary.
It is a beautiful and calming place . . .
a place that provides a history lesson.

I wonder what my relatives that I never met were like.
What were their stories?

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Marva said...

Yes, cemetaries are very interesting places! Thanks for sharing! We also have a relative on my Dad's side, a young male cousin of his that died after eating grapes.....very strange!

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