Tuesday, April 10, 2012

High Maintenance Day

Tuesday, April 10, 2012 . . . I could give it the title HIGH Maintenance Day.

I am sure you have had a day or two of HIGH Maintenance at one time or another.

Well, today was mine.

Every four weeks I have an appointment with my "stylist" Stacie ~ she has been my stylist for many years now and we "click" . . .  Stace knows what I like and how I want my hair. She knows how crazed I get when I have gray roots  that distinguishing your getting older color on my roots.
She knows I like hair products . . .
and a lot of them!
I was thrilled today when she tried a new one on my hair . . .
I absolutely LOVE it!
I gives me BIG Texas hair without all of the curling and such.
Just a blow dryer and round brush . . .
oh, and a couple of pumps of my new mousse!
Woo EEEE good stuff!

We had a blast with the new products.

Once my hair was re-defined in color, we moved on to makeup . . .

loved the TIGI line of products!

Felt like a new me today.

I was REALLY high maintenance . . .

hair color
hair cut
hair style
facial wax
make over

Stacie should be exhausted!

I guess there are days that we girls MUST have a high maintenance day . . .
today was mine.

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