Friday, April 20, 2012

Friday ~Time for a Snuggle

The winds are howling and the skies are gray . . . the positive . . . everything is GREEN and GROWING! Everything is ALIVE again!

Last evening we were outside playing baseball. We have four baseball loving boys and three furry babes that like to run with the kids. There are even two DUCKS that love to watch the boys play and chase the ball themselves from time to time.

I am thankful it is FRIDAY!!!  This past week has seemed EXTREMELY L--O--N--G! Maybe it is from the many hours spent on achievement testing followed by regular schooling. I am grateful AA offers the achievement testing for the home school kids ~ however it does make for a long week.

Ryan is down to TWELVE lessons in each subject for the school year. I am beyond THRILLED! He has put in some extra hours to get to this point . . . and we are both excited that he did. Today, he wants to finish up reading . . . he is set on achieving that goal and I am pretty sure he will.

Katelyn received news this morning that she is tied for the THIRD highest ranking student in one of her classes. She was thrilled with the news . . . and so was I!!! She has worked hard this year . . .  being a Freshman in college has tedious, but rewarding. I asked her how many students were in the class and she said . . . 20 . . . give or take a few. This college year will be ending within a few weeks ~~~where did this year go?

The three youngest are counting down to summer vacation too! They have a month remaining and then they will be FREE!

I am thrilled to be done with office paperwork, household paperwork and online orders for the week. TIME for puppy snuggle time ~~~ a NAP WOULD BE NICE TOO!

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