Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Family Fun Night

After school today I took the boys for hair cuts -
boy did they need them!
Stacie did a FABULOUS job on the mounds of hair ~
they are now sporting their "summer cuts".
I took these photos with my phone, sorry for the red eye.





After hair cuts, we headed out to dinner and a movie.
The boys have been wanting to see "The Lorax",
so we finally took them.

The movie was cute and totally had their attention the entire movie.

I took some photos with my phone:

We all had a wonderful time.
It was good to simply enjoy each other and a good movie.


The Whitakers said...

hi julie! We saw you guys,(your cars), at the movie theater and wondered what you were seeing. Glad you had a great family night. Love all the sweet haircuts on all those handsome Price boys! Take care, Kristi :)

Marva said...

The boys have great haircuts! They are all so handsome!

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