Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Easter Vacation Day 1 & 2

This morning began with a sleep in . . . of sorts . . . feet began pitter pattering about 8:00 a.m. ~~ at least they were not up at 6:00 a.m.! After a quick breakfast . . . outsie we all went. I really wanted them to get in their outside play this morning as thunderstorms are in the forecast for this afternoon and evening.

Yesterday was a day filled with swimming . . . We invited my sister Janeie and her three beauties over for swimming. Their dog Lucy came too!

Everyone had a great time and had enough sun and water by 1:00 p.m.

Janeie and the girls had other things to do and left soon after getting out of the pool. We all headed inside for lunch . . . yummy leftovers and then movies for the boys. I thought it would be a good chance for them to simply hang out . . . thought there was a chance they would fall asleep -  but, no such luck on that one! They didn't slow down until bedtime!


Fast forward to today . . .
Plent of fun in the sun again today.

Skateboards and scooters to start the day!
Baseball followed.

It is now 11:10 and the boys all want to go inside.
They are going to stay outside and enjoy the day!!!

Maybe we will have a picnik for lunch.

So far, the day has not gone as well as yesterday . . .
fussing and short tempers . . .
Mama has had to step in a few times.


Everyone is now on the deck with me . . .

they are putting together Heroica game boards.

Working all together to achieve a goal . . .

everything ready to play the game.

Our daily duck visitors . . .

Must close now . . .

ENJOY your day!

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Natalie said...

I LOOOVE the Picture of Lucy...made me laugh really really laugh this morning!!!!

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