Tuesday, April 24, 2012

An Early Morning Emergency Room Visit

Seeing your SIX year old on OXYGEN is a terrifying experience!

We experienced it first hand very early this morning.

Approximately 2:30 a.m. Cody came into our bedroom a little upset because he had a bad nightmare. Cody NEVER has nightmares.
He snuggled into our bed and as he settled in I was listening to his breathing. His breathing simply didn't sound right to me.
I woke Randy and asked him to listen to Cody breathe.
He agreed Cody was breathing too fast.
I immediately dressed as Randy put Cody's socks on him.

We arrived at the ER a few minutes later.
The staff got right to caring for him.
Temperature, pulse, oxygenation levels.
Cody was immediately put on oxygen.
My poor lil' guy was wiped out!

Chest Xrays
The Doc listened to Cody's lungs ~ wheezing!

Nebulizer treatment . . .

Nebulizer treatment x 2

Doc listened again to his lungs ~ between
treatments, taking blood, etc.

After the second nebulizer treatment Cody perked up a bit . . .
in fact, he even played a game of Angry Birds Space!

We were finally dismissed about 6:00 a.m.
Before we left, Cody told the Nurse that if he watched closely, he would teach HIM how to play Angry Birds!

I picked up breakfast for the kids.
It took a while but Cody decided to take a nap.

He had a nebulizer treatment at home
and we are monitoring him carefully.

Today is going to be a S. L. O. W. day!


Natalie said...

Oh I am so sorry...praying for you and Cody!!

Leslie said...

Thank Goodness for that nightmare so you could see he needed some intervention. Praying for your sweet,little man. Poor fellow. Thanking God for those nebulizer treatments. Hope he's feeling better.

Mimi said...

Oh my goodness, what a scare!
I am so happy that Cody is doing better. I'll be praying that the little guy stays strong and healthy. God is GREAT!

Marva said...

Prayed for ya'll today! Hope Cody is feeling better and you all get some rest tonight! Hugs!

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