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As Mom to five I hear that word a hundred times a day ~
if not more.

They can be standing right next to me, and although I have asked them what do they need, the still feel the need to utter M-O-M several times over . . .

maybe they simply want to make sure they have my
FULL attention

or maybe

they aren't listening for a response

or maybe

they are just calling my name as a warning to their brothers . . .
"I am telling Mom"

Whatever the reason, as a boy Mom, I need to be aware of everything that is going on around me. I never know exactly what "the boys" are going to do next!

God laughed when he made little boys . . .
I am certain of that!

God knew all of the silliness ahead.

God knew little boys live in the moment ~ without regard to safety, rules or end results.

Many times I wonder WHY God gave me FOUR boys.
I had never thought myself a BOY mom . . .

I had given birth to One daughter and she has always been very compliant, obedient and eager to please.
I saw myself as a "girl" Mom . . .
I KNEW how to be a GIRL Mom!

Then it happened . . .
My husband and I prayed for more children.
God heard our prayer
and answered it . . .

I do believe whole heartedly that God laughed outloud when he answered our prayers . . .

Our answers to prayer each have a name . . .

Ryan, Cameron, Evan James and Cody.

They each have their own personality, quirks and out of the box thinking abilities . . .

Ryan is our oldest son ~ at 9 1/2 he loves anything electronic and is very good at it. He also loves Legos. He can keep himself busy for hours and hours building little contraptions.
Ryan is short tempered.

Cameron is our second son ~ he will be 9 in May. Cameron loves to color and draw . . . art sets are fun for him. He also like Lego . . . pretending to be a super hero and reading. Cameron is extremely impulsive and doesn't "think" before he does something.

Evan James ~ our third son ~ second from the youngest.
EJ will be 8 in May. EJ enjoys everything SPORTS and he is good at it! Give EJ a ball and glove . . . he is busy for hours. Of all four of the boys, he will be our "sports kid". EJ is our "sensitive" one and tends to wear his feelings on his shoulders.

Cody ~ the baby of the family just turned 6 in March. He likes Lego and pretend . . . especially pretending to be a super hero. Cody runs by the seat of his pants. He likes everything his older brothers do and is always "chiming in" where they are concerned ~ whether they like it or not.
Cody thinks everyone should do what "he" wants.

A typical day in our home . . .
anything can happen
and usually does.

~ rough housing
~ running
~ baseball
~ chasing one another
~ irritating one another
~ wrestling
~ dirt
~ bugs
~ whining ~ yes boys whine too!
~ running in and out
~ scooters
~ boo boos
~ blisters
~ carefree
~ adventures
~ eating ~ lots of eating
~ barefeet
~ messes
~ laughs and giggles


this Mama receives:

hugs and kisses

"I Love You Mommy"

and snuggles.

Each of my children are different . . .
not one of them are like the other.
There are some BIG personalities in our home . . .
and I wouldn't change a thing!

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