Monday, April 23, 2012


Have you ever wondered when it is that your little boy loses the ability to find things? How is it the male gender does not posses the ability to locate this or that?

We train our little ones to find things when they are old enough to understand. "Go get Mommy the ball" or "Where is the car? If you get it, we can play.

Insert the scenario that has been common in your home . . .

We are always to excited when our bitty ones learn to listen and follow those requests of "finding" things. The child has learned a new skill and shows it off frequently. Then, all of a sudden your little one cannot FIND anything . . . a most times the item is within arms reach . . . right under their little noses.

After going through the learn and then lose it phase with three of my boys, I was determined to be diligent in watching for the time when my fourth son ceased finding things.


Cody was fabulous at locating whatever you asked him to find.

"Get Mommy a diaper"

"Find your shoes so we can put them on"

"Go get your yellow car"


He learned early and happily "found" things and brought them to me or Daddy without fail.

Until 18 months of age . . .

It was at 18 months of age that our little "Finder" was unable to locate toys, diapers, wipes, shoes . . . etc.

I was amazed at how early the Finding skill evaporated
from his little body!

I often wondered why the finding skill is lost and realized it goes hand in hand with the remembering/not remembering skill.

Boys have difficulty remembering to stay on task.

Yesterday I was tidying cabinets and I needed a step stool to reach the high shelves. I asked my almost 8 year old to get me a step stool from the main floor. I also gave him a cup to take to the sink.
I waited about 10 minutes before I asked where my stool was.

The answer I received was, "OH I FORGOT!"

I could hardly believe my ears . . . I sent him to get the stool and gave him a cup to take to the kitchen sink and he forgot the stool?!?

Oh Dear . . . Houston, we have a problem.

This morning I sent the same child to the kitchen to get a bag of dog treats . . . would you believe he couldn't find them?
I told him specifically where they were.
He couldn't find them, so after ten minutes or so I asked my almost 9 year old to get them.
He actually found them within seconds.

Maybe there is light at the end of the tunnel!

Maybe the ''I can't find it syndrome" is short lived!

Maybe they lose the finding ability at 18 months, but it returns around the age of 9!

Or maybe my almost 9 year old brain was clear from all clutter and he simply wasn't quite awake enough to think of other things.

I truly believe our little boys have other, "more important" kid stuff on their minds and finding or getting something for Mom, Dad or their siblings is simply not on the agenda.

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Cheerful Homemaker said...

I think the inability to find things is a male trait in general. Each day my husband asks me where something is. Why does mom need to be the knower of all things?

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