Saturday, April 21, 2012

The Blame Game

The BLAME Game

You know the one I am talking about . . .

I didn't do it

It wasn't me

"_____" did it

"______" thought of it

"________" made me do it

"________" was in there.  I wasn't even around.

I am not sure if girls take part in the BLAME game,


Can I tell you????

The BLAME Game is . . . 







As a parent to FOUR blame game participants we must always be aware, alert and consistent!

Aware of what the boys are doing at ALL times.

Alert to choices the boys are making ~


good/not so good


productive/non productive


Parenting is hard ~ hands down.

Consistency is hard ~ for everyone.

Moms and Dads must agree and be consistent in raising children ~ in our case, BOYS.

The boys need to know what is and isn't acceptable!

They need to know if they BLAME others for something they did ~ there are consequences.

They need to learn there is a consequence or ending result for everything they do ~ good or bad.

They need to LEARN to make good choices and it is OUR job to teach them HOW to make good choices.

Not a day goes by that one or all of the boys choose to make a bad choice. Yes, I said CHOOSE. They are old enough to know right from wrong and not a day goes by they CHOOSE to make
a bad choice.

I realize my children are still children and will make mistakes.
However, I also know a mistake ceases being a mistake when a child repeats the same "choice" time and again without regard to the consequence . . .

It is vitally important for Mom and Dad to be on the same page regarding discipline. You may have cringed as you read that word.
Discipline is a "naughty" word in the world we live in.

Discipline = training that corrects, molds, perfects

We must train our children to choose between right and wrong.
We must be responsible and teach them.
We must provide guidelines.

Our children need to know that we LOVE them unconditionally.
We must LIVE by example.

Parenting is the hardest job in the world.

Parenting is the most important job you will ever have.

Parenting brings you to your knees.

God hears you.

Seek Him and Raise up your children together.

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