Sunday, April 1, 2012

April Fools Day . . . A Beautiful Day!

Our Sunday, April Fools Day, was absolutely beautiful after the storms we had early morning. We were rudely awakened by our NOAA weather radio . . . severe storms were in the area. Loud thunder and bright lightning was followed by torrenchal rain. I am thankful all finally calmed so Randy and I could get some rest. We are blessed our boys never seem to hear storms!

Randy and I spent the day outside with the boys. Plenty of FUN IN THE SUN! I had my camera out and took a ton of photos!

Looking down the lake . . . I love the reflections in the water.

 a beautiful Weeping Willow

a little batting practice

Mia and Beckett 

Cameron practicing his batting.

Beckett seems to need a smaller glove!

Run Beckett . . . Run

EJ bats . . .

Way to go Cameron! 

What are they doing? 
I stopped trying to guess . . . boys don't need a reason to do anything!

Turtles sunning

I love how they climb up a log to sun.

The sun is beginning to set.

I still love hearing my wind chimes.

EJ and Ryan

Ryan at bat

 Cody at bat.

Love EJ's determination.

You have heard of "disco duck" well, this is Baseball Duck!
He was literally chasing the baseball.

Not sure why the "catcher" is on the ground . . . 

Mia was watching the ducks.

Emma was relaxing.

Duck watching in hard work. 

They came really close.

Emma decided they were pushing their luck and chased them.

As the kids played on the swing . . . Emma watched.

As the sun was setting, Cody and EJ played catch. 

As the sun sets . . .

everyone has gone inside.

Bath time!

It was a BEAUTIFUL day!

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