Monday, March 12, 2012

We are off to a slow morning . . . I can really tell it is Monday. Ryan is currently working on his Reading class. Vocabulary has been introduced this last nine weeks . . . it is nice to have a little change and to have an excited Ryan about vocabulary! Excited is ALWAYS a blessing!

The other boys are off to school . . . Katelyn had a bit of running to do today. She had planned on lunch out with friends, but that dreaded sickness wrecked her plans . . . one of her friends could not make it because she was sick. Instead of lunch out she decided to pick up a few things at Hobby Lobby and return home to draw for a bit.

Little Beckett is asleep between my arms as I write . . . school days wear her out I guess.

The clouds are filling up the sky . . . the temperature is chilly, but nice for March in Central Illinois.

Last evening Katelyn and I went out . . . first, dinner at TGI Friday's and then off to see Riverdance! We were both excited to get out and about! Dinner was yummy . . . we both enjoyed Turkey burgers and Mango Lemonade.

The picture of Katelyn at the left was taken at TGI Friday's.

We arrived in perfect time for Riverdance and took our seats . . . box seats.  Katelyn was super excited as she looked over the side of the box seats. The theater was quickly filling up and we were both thankful we did not need to climb over people to reach our seats. Before we knew it the lights began dimming . . . Riverdance was abosuletly Fantastic! I looked over at Katelyn and her mouth was open in utter amazement!

We thoroughly enjoyed every minute of Riverdance and would not hesitate to see them again.

Well, I have some papers to grade . . . have a great day!

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