Friday, March 16, 2012

This Simply Cannot Be March ~ a Photo post

Today is March 16, 2012 . . . Officially, Katelyn was due to be born on this day in 1993 . . . She was six weeks early and was born on February 4 instead.

The weather in our area is NOT official Central Illinois weather!!! We should be battling frigid conditions and snow . . . definitely not 80+ degrees! As I write, it is 9:15 p.m. and the temperature remains in the upper 60s!

We had a full day . . . home school this morning, along with office paperwork and a few here and there things to do. We took a little break and went for a walk . . . I took pictures with my Droid:

Lil' Beckett was watching out the back "window" of their stroller.

On the way back on the walk, I unzipped the front so the girls could "hang out".

 Emma had a great walk and was very tired when we arrived back home.

This is not a small puppy or a hamster . . . this is Bugsy our 4lb + guinea pig.
He didn't much like the harness . . . 
in fact he squealed like a little girl . . .
but we made him come along . . .
it was too beautiful to waste!

This afternoon I headed out to the backyard . . . the sun was shining and VERY hot, but I wanted to clean up one of the patios. 

Emma and Mia are enjoying the fruits of my labor . . .
(Alice helped too)

The patio is all swept and the furniture is all clean and vacuumed.
Those Oreo cookies on the ottoman are not mine . . .
skinny boy Ryan was chowing them down.
The bottle of water . . .
yeah, that's mine!

The chair is all ready for evenings by the fire!

After working hard cleaning up "Fall and Winter" from the patio, it was time to cool off and take a little rest . . . I am getting old you know! Ryan joined me and so did Apollo the Bearded Dragon . . . this was Apollo's first venture outside.

Apollo was looking pretty serious . . . 
so, Ryan mimicked him.
Apollo was very attentive to everything around him.
The birds singing got his attention and
the ceiling fan on the deck freaked him out and he quickly ducked his head!
It was pretty funny to watch him.

After dinner we headed back outside . . .

The boys were running all around, tackling one another, chasing, racing, rough housing and then trying to scare Randy and I.

Our day was lovely . . . and quite unusual for Mid March. I will certainly take beautiful weather, the kids in short sleeves and shorts, walks with the dogs and even a bit of clean up.

Anything except the return of this:

Enjoy your weekend . . .

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