Friday, March 23, 2012


Today, Kelly over at Kelly's Korner is hosting

(Show Us Your Life, Moms of Big Families)

Here is My Post!


If you have not visited my blog before . . .

Welcome, so glad you are here!

Let me introduce myself . . .

My name is Julie

and I have FIVE kids ages 19, 9, 8, 7 and 6.

There is quite an age span from #1 to #2 . . .

Not the way I would have planned it,
but God did.

Our daughter, Katelyn is 19 years old and a Freshman in College.
She is a blessing to Randy and I (hubs and I) and has been from the moment she was conceived.
(Nine years after our marriage).

Ryan is 9 years old and is a very active boy.
He is currently in the 4th grade.
He is home schooled.
Ryan is very competitive and loves "action".

Cameron is 8 years old and is our "reader".
He loves to read, read, read . . .
(generally NOT a boy trait, I know!)
Cameron is in the 3rd grade.

EJ (Evan James) is our "sensitive" one.
EJ loves to play baseball
and is VERY good at it.
EJ is in 2nd grade.

Cody is the "baby" of the family . . .
he turned 6 today.
Cody tries his best to keep up with his brothers.
He is in Kindergarten.

Three of our boys attend a Christian School.
One is homeschooled.
Both can be a challenge.

My husband and I have owned and operated a business for 15 1/2 years. I have the privilege of working from home  . . .
which is really great since I home school Ryan.

Life at our house is NEVER boring . . .
and generally not quiet unless the boys are asleep!

I always tell people . . .

We were spoiled with our girl ~ she has always been calm, fun loving, very agreeable and always chose to do the right thing.

THEN . . .

God gave us BOYS!

I suppose he wanted us to enjoy BOTH ends of the spectrum!


Tesha said...

Hi I am from Kelly's We also have many boys and one girl four boys on earth one sweet son in heaven stillborn 1-24-12. My husband is a self employed business owner also. We homeschool but they have attended private we have a lot in common. So glad to have found you

Courtney said...

Living life one day at a time is how I roll these days, too-lol! I usually try to do a ton at once, but lately I keep telling myself, and occasionally other people, that at this point I can only handle one thing at a time.

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