Monday, March 5, 2012


Today was one of THOSE days . . .

Everyone has them . . .

sometimes they come in several of THOSE days at a time . . .

hopefully not this week!

I am already exhausted and it is only Monday evening!


Today was a rough homeschooling day.

Many home school families prefer for others to think all is easy peasy when it comes to home schooling. You  know . . . the children all spring out of their beds and bounce happily down the stairs all ready for their daily lessons. None of the children fuss or grumble at spelling words
or the thought of penmanship.

Which is all fine and well, but not exactly realistic . . .
at least in OUR home.

Our day goes a bit more like this:

The alarm sounds . . .

I hit the snooze button a time or two . . .

Time to get out of bed . . .

I shuffle in to wake the boys . . .

four boys in three separate bedrooms . . .

I head back to my room, close the bathroom door and  get my shower.
I have been locking our bathroom door while I am in the shower since the
attempted paparazzi shoot of me in the shower by Cody a few weeks ago.
For a few minutes I soak in the soothing heat of the water . . .
I say a prayer for the kids and the day before I step out of the shower.
I get dressed, brush my hair and teeth before checking on the boys.
I do yell call out from the bathroom . . .
"Boys, better hurry!"

Time to check on their progress.

I expected to find all FOUR boys downstairs at breakfast.

NOT the case . . .

Instead I find ONE of the boys dressed . . .

TWO others are flinging clothing at one another

and the other boy is STILL in bed.

Again I head into the oldest boy's room . . .
this time he gets out of bed . . . reluctantly.

I head to the main floor to start laundry for the day . . .
once two loads are running and the boys are eating breakfast
I head back upstairs.

Time to make my bed and tidy up a few things in the Master bedroom first.

Then . . .

Into Ryan's room to feed the baby lizards,
and clean up their tank . . .
move on to Apollo and the larger tank.
Talk to Apollo give him some crickets and greens.
Refill water for all of them.

Instruct the oldest to make his bed and tidy his room.

I head to the main floor, again.

On the main floor Katelyn has the three youngest . . .
they have had breakfast and are ready to head out to school.

Time to get a coffee mug out of the cabinet . . .
going to be a multiple cup day . . .
I can already "feel" it.

Ryan gets his breakfast while I sip my first cup of yummy deliciousness.

Soon . . . it is time for Reading class . . .

I have all of the school work ready for the entire month so it is easy to grab the papers for the day.
The computer is started up and Reading class has started through Video Streaming.

So far . . . So good . . .

I sit down and call my mom for a chat.

Ryan finishes up reading and I instruct him to begin his Spelling lesson.
I chat to Mom all the while listening to the Spelling lesson in the background.
Soon I hear the lesson end and instruct Ryan to begin writing his Spelling words.
Within a few minutes I realize Ryan is not doing as instructed, so I conclude my chat with Mom and head straight to see how far Ryan has gotten with his spelling.
Of course, he has not remained on task, so I needed to stay close
 to make sure he accomplishes his spelling properly.

Onto Math . . .

eye yie yie yie yie!

So, I sit down with Ryan and the Streaming video to assist him through his math.
Fourth Grade Math is NOT for the faint of heart!

Fractions are NOT my friend!!! lol

Math takes a while.
Ryan HATES story problems.
He has caught on to fractions pretty well, but needs a little help here and there.

We made it through today's Math . . . Finally.

Onto History . . .

Then Health . . .

Penmanship - whew . . . that is ANOTHER story!

We are working on writing legibly!

For some reason Ryan is a very sloppy writer and we have been trying to focus on each letter formation ~~~ kind of like when he first learned to write.
He had beautiful writing in Kindergarten and First grade . . . down hill after that!

Language . . . you know those adverbs and adjectives.
Ryan seems to be grasping adverbs and adjectives pretty well.
Language went pretty smoothly!
I would love to sing a little Conjuction Junction here!
(do you remember School House Rock?)

Last for the day . . . Read from his book for his book report.
Two chapters.

From there, I attend to laundry . . .

Before I know it . . .

the kids are home

By this time in the day I am hopeful Ryan is done with home school for the day.

Today he wasn't. So we stayed busy with it until it was completed.

Then it was time to look through the other boys' papers from the past week.
Monday's Cameron and Cody bring home their papers from the previous week and
Tuesday's EJ brings home his papers from the previous week.

They are doing pretty well with their school subjects . . .

Report Cards come home soon.

I was feeling pretty good about things . . .

UNTIL . . .

 I find there is a spelling pre test and final test in one of the boys' bags that wasn't given to me
in the stack of papers from last week.
(you can figure out which of the boys by going up a few lines . . . today is Monday)

I pull the two papers out of the book bag and look at them. The owner of the pre test and final test told me last Wednesday that he had gotten a 100% and didn't have to take the test on Friday. The general rule is . . . if they get a 100% on the pretest, there isn't any spelling homework because they don't have to take the test on Friday. Anything less than 100% requires spelling words to be written five times each every night after school in preparation for Friday's test.

The boy said he had gotten a 100% . . . and therefore didn't do his spelling word writing on Wednesday or Thursday night. He also did not get a 100% on his test on Friday which tells me that he really needed the extra practice Wednesday and Thursday night.

Hmmmm, this Mama wasn't born yesterday . . .

the boy didn't tell Mama the truth.

This is Not good!

So . . . now it doesn't matter if he gets a 100% on Wednesday or not.
He will write his spelling words each weekday . . . ten times each . . .
including Friday nights.

Trying to teach the boy . . .
truth is ALWAYS best, no matter what!

Upon inspection of one of the other boy's book bag I found TWO teacher notes.
One from March 1 and One from today.
Nice! . . . NOT!

Apparently, this child does not think sit down means sit down.
Instead of sitting, my son decided to get up and leave the room all together!
(insert a picture of Mom here with her mouth wide open in disbelief!)

My son completely and utterly disobeyed a teacher!

Hmmmmmmm, not a wise choice.

The second note was among a hundred others concerning his incessant "talking" in class.

Apparently my boy has a lot to say when he should be listening.
(Except of course when you ask him WHY he cannot be quiet in class ~~~ complete silence.)

I have lost count as to the number of take home notes this child has received for talking in class.

Loss of recess might help him remember to listen to directions, stay quiet in class
and make better choices. Writing a few sentences wouldn't hurt either.

It is only 6:35 p.m. and I am EXHAUSTED!
I have nothing left to give.

As I have said many, many times before . . .

Parenting is hard,



SO . . .

We, (Randy and I) will continue down this parenting interstate of chaos . . .

teaching our boys every step of the way.

Not letting the speed bumps or detours get in the way of bringing up our boys to be
Godly, trustworthy and amazing men.

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Leslie said...

Some day when they are grown, Godly mean it will seem funny to go back and read these enteries. Until then, hang strong. You can do all things through Christ who gives you strength. :)

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